Factory X Fighters ready to bang at Sparta Combat League

Factory X Fighters ready to bang at Sparta Combat League

By: Donald Pierce MMAmadhouse.com Colorado

With their fights looming this Friday, I had the opportunity to interview some of the best fighter’s in the state of Colorado. Adam Stroup, Randy Rowland, Sid Bice  who fight out of  Factory X Muay Thai/MMA/BJJ in Englewood, Colorado. To start off, walking in to this gym gave to the filling this is where champions are made. The first person I meet was a young Thai fighter by the name of Randy Rowland a native to Denver, Colorado this young fighter has a 2-0 record. And I got to say anybody that comes straight out of a sauna from cutting weight to do a interview, I am a fan of. In his last fight winning by decision, Adam admitted to me that he had fought over his goal weight of 145 he fought at 155 and still took home the win. So knowing that he can jump weight classes, I asked him his keys to victory this weekend at SCL: Gladiators,  it was simple for him “ I am going to put hands on him fast and hard and he is not going to like it”. with speed and power, Rowland is looking for his first TKO or KO. He also says working at Factory X has put him in great shape, with his training partners Brain Camozzi, Chase Hack, Nick Masea  he says “They push me hard the fight will be great “.  Mr. Rowland wants to thank his team for all there work with him for his fight he would also like to thank his sponsors Factory X Muay Thai/ MMA/BJJ, Performance MMA & labs, Uglyer, Preference Labs, Denver labs, Max Muscle Highlands Ranch.

The next fighter I got to talk to was Adam Stroup this fighter is also a native to Colorado, when we started the interview Adam didn’t have a opponent, 2 guys dropped out due to injury. Then he gets a call in the middle of the interview, having to take this call, We are first to find out that he got his opponent a fill in fighter, Mike Matthews a friend of Mr. Stroup, not hesitating to take the fight either. He went on with our interview, I asked him if the jump from amateur to pro was a difficult task. He told me “Absolutely because in amateur guys  seem to brake easy they take a hard shot and wilt up or get put in a submission they tap much faster then the professional level fighter. They are there to fight nothing less”. I ask Mr. Stroup what would you like people to know about Colorado MMA he simply stated “It started here we take it serious this is no game to us“, being form Denver it made me smile. Mr. Stroup is a very balanced fighter not caring if the fight stands or goes to the ground  he has what it takes to win. He also informed me training at Factory X has stepped his game up in a huge way. Mr. Stroup would like to thank his sponsors 5280 Armoure, Rome’s Salon, Ride the West RV, Marley Liquor Mart.

Last but not lest I got to talk to Sid Bice a native to south Dakota coming into this fight at 5-0 he is primed and ready. A two time State Champion and a DIV A wrestler at Augustna Collage. I asked Mr. Bice if the jump form SD to Colorado effected him in his preparation he said “Absolutely” the altitude effected him at first, know he is used to it and the great training at Factory X.  He is in the best shape of his life and ready to go. I asked him the key to his win. “I will stand and bang with him if it goes to the matt I am ready”  quote “ having dog fights with Joe Warren in the gym has tested me”   Mr. Bice would like to thank his team at Factory X and sponsors Performance MMA and Factory X. Muay Thai/MMA/BJJ.

I got to say I am very excited to see these guys in action on Friday, with all of them on weight there will be fire works at The Sparta Combat League at  Red & Jerry’s Event Center.

Link to the fight card from Tapology.com  SCL: Gladiators

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