Elijah Goulding – The Walk to Success

Elijah Goulding – The Walk to Success

Elijah Goulding

Calm, cool, and collected, fifteen year old Elijah Goulding is preparing to make the biggest walk of his life when he steps in the cage for his fight debut on November 24th at Battlefield Fight League 20 in Canada.

Goulding will be facing Joshua Lam at the 130lb catchweight.

“I’m excited. I’ve done a jiu jitsu tournament with him before; I know his style and what he’s about. I’m not too concerned about it,” Goulding claimed.

Goulding has been training out of Toshido MMA for the past two years, but has been specifically training for this fight for the last two to four months.

“I’m training really hard. There isn’t a day that I go by without blood, sweat and tears. I get beat up more in my gym than I will in my fight and I’m training harder than I’ve ever trained; I want this. I got a 16ft MMA cage put in my garage for more intensive training outside of Toshido MMA. I have a lot of dedication for this sport.”

Elijah with Coach David Lea

For Goulding it will be just another day in the gym, and another day to learn what he needs to do to come out on top.

“I’m really relaxed going into it. I’m confident about my training and I have a good game plan. Fight day will be the same as other days. I’m just going to go about my day as a regular day and relax until my name is called to fight. I know I can win because I have what other fighters don’t; heart. I know I can push through it and win,” Goulding said.”

Goulding has competed in a variation of tournaments and says that while he has good stand up, he’s much better and technical on the ground.

“I’m ready to go in and brawl, I get a huge thrill hitting people and being hit. I have good stand up game, but my ground skills are my best asset. I’m pretty well rounded and I’m preparing for everything that could happen.”

Goulding has a bright future ahead if he sticks to his goals. After talking with him I found that he is very dedicated to what he wants to do and how he wants to get there.

Elijah Goulding

“I wanted to do martial arts and then decided I wanted to be a fighter. I am going to go all the way to the top – the UFC – if I can. The UFC would be a dream come true and I know that the commitment I have should take me places.”

–          Caitlin Dieni

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