Egyptian Fighting Championship “EFC EGYPT 08”



Egyptian Fighting Championship is back and doing big things in October.

EFC EGYPT 08 is going down on October 7th, will not want to miss this great  event. We all know that MMA has grown to levels that most thought would never happen. That is going  on in Egypt as well.  EFC has  brought fans seven MMA events that have show cased top level fighters like Mohamed Mashaly,  Mahmoud Abdel Sabour, Ahmed Mostafa, Mohamed Abdel Karim, Walid Mohamed.  The reason I tell you this is because on Oct 7th they are back with EFC 8 and this has some fights fans will want to see. Karim vs Mansour for HeavyWeight Title, M.Salama vs Rob Le Noir for LightHeavy Weight Title with much more action on this card. is here to give you a view of  “LOCAL MMA” from other parts of the world. So please go SUPPORT LOCAL MMA no matter what city, country you live in.. Here are some High light videos of the last two events from EFC.  Stay tuned to MMAmadhouse for more info on EFC 8.

EFC EGYPT 07 HighLight

EFC EGYPT 06 HighLight

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