D’Angelo MMA: The Family Way

D’Angelo MMA: The Family Way

D’Angelo Mixed Martial Arts, in Ft. Myers, FL, is a family owned and operated MMA school that is making waves throughout Florida’s MMA scene with the class and professionalism that is represented by every fighter that has stepped foot in an MMA cage who wears the Fight Zone DMMA name. Mike D’Angelo Sr. and his son Anthony D’Angelo both received their instructor belts from the Grandmaster Francisco Mansor. The school is headed up by Michael Jr. who has become one of Florida’s most exciting and established amateur MMA fighters. Gus D’Angelo is another one of the coaches, also establishing himself as one of Florida’s premiere amateur MMA fighters. Together, the D’Angelo brothers and the rest of their exciting team of fighters are highly sought after by the many promotions in Florida.

Fighting is not the only focus of DMMA. The school is widely known for its superb children’s and women’s programs, promoting the ever important significance of self-defense. The school poses a very well talented program for children and prides themselves on this with many great showings at BJJ tournaments throughout the state. They believe very highly in their many diverse programs that are available to people of all ages. Whether you are looking to fight, learn self-defense, or simply live a healthier lifestyle; Fight Zone DMMA is the place for you.

This Saturday, in Ft. Myers, FL, FZ DMMA will be hosting their first MMA event and is dedicating it to the American heroes.

The event is going to feature a night full of great amateur MMA action! Both Michael Jr. and Gus D’Angelo will be fighting at this event along with many other great amateur fighters!

The fight card will be available soon.

Fight Zone DMMA Ft. Myers, FL 10180 Metro Park Way 33966 Facebook: dangelomartialarts@facebook.com


Phone #: 239 395 8662


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