Combat Night XV Results

Combat Night XV Results

Combat Night Promotions struck again with Combat Night XV at the Roxy on June 8th in Orlando, FL. The promotion, owned by Mitchell Chamale and Josh Samman of the UFC, is one of the premiere amateur promotions in Florida.

The results are as follows:combatnightXV

·         135- Alfred Suarez vs Craig Lawson (Lawson wins by Unanimous decision)

170- Manny Ramirez vs Nicholas Inniss (Ramirez wins by Kimura round 3)

155-George Baker vs Gerardo Soto (Soto wins by Unanimous decision)

130- Jose Badillo vs Austin McCray (McCray wins by Guillotine rnd 2)

145- Noel Rodriguez vs Eddie Diaz (Diaz wins by Unanimous decision)

170- Bartley Hall vs Jimmy Gomez (Gomez wins by TKO rnd 1)

205- Said Sowma vs Frank Ruiz (Sowma wins by Unanimous decision)

155- Kevin Harrison vs Hugo Torres (Harrison wins by Unanimous decision)

160- Donnie Bush vs Phil “Fresh Prince” Rowe ( Rowe wins by Split decision)

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Thank you Mitchell Chamale for the results. #supportlocalMMA

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