CFA 145 WMMA Tournament

Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA) 145 WMMA Tournament at this point is a rumor but here is what I have so far.

Once again WMMA fighters are getting top billing with CFA running a 145 tournament. We will see top names from around the world stepping up to see who the best is in this tournament. CFA has always produced top fighters, and having them run this tournament is exactly what I wanted. I know with the “Rousey Craze” a lot of new fans are coming to see the ladies do battle. To have another top MMA company like CFA bring women one more platform to showcase their skills is great for the fighters and fans.

Fighters Rumored to be in the FCA tournament:

Stacy Hayes

Revelina Berto

Taylor Stratford

Peggy Morgan

Brighton Hutton

Ashley Evan Smith

Fabiana Santos

Kelsey De Santis


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