World Cagefighting Championships VI    6/22/13 (provided by Albert Cameron of Cage Nation TV) AMATEUR BOUTS: Alexander Wallace over Matt Falk by Unanimous Decision Dino Julklo over Keman Jackson at :50 in Round 1…Kinura Lock Paul “P-Mac” McAleer over Jonathan Coffman…Unanimous Decision Ethan Goss over Donald Bard…:58 seconds in Round 3 via Guillotine Choke Daniel Coffman over Bob Bianchini…2:02 of Round 2 via Rear Naked Choke (Advanced Amateur Rules) David Sholtes over Brandon Eckhardt...Unanimous Decision Shawn Downs over Sean Diehl…2:25 of Round 1 via Triangle Choke…Downs wins the Amateur Lightweight Belt (Advanced Amateur Rules) PROFESSIONAL BOUTS: Kenny Gaudreau over Mike Guttilla…4:03 in Round 1 via Arm Bar Brandon Seyler over Charlie Gathers…:56 in Round 1 via Guillotine Choke Check out WCC folks

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