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WSOF Global Champ, Evgeny Erokhin, Headlining for Vladimir Putin

WSOF Global Champ, Evgeny Erokhin, Headlining for Vladimir Putin WORLD SERIES OF FIGHTING – GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, EVGENY EROKHIN, TO HEADLINE EVENT HOSTING VLADIMIR PUTIN   Event Scheduled for August 21 at Metro Arena in Sochi, Russia SOCHI, RUSSIA  August 17, 2016  World Series of Fighting – Global Championship (WSOF-GC) Heavyweight Champion, Evgeny Erokhin (15-4), has been called to action to compete in front of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. WSOF Global’s Erokhin will headline a special, exclusive event to be held by League S-70 in Sochi, Russia on August 21, in honor of the President of the Russian Federation. It is well documented the strong support that President Putin has shown MMA, a practitioner of Sambo and Judo since the age of 12. He currently holds a 6th dan (red/white belt) in Judo, as well as an 8th dan black belt in Kyokushin Kaikan Karate. He was presented the...

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S-70 League results

Plotforma S-70. Aug. 17, 2013. Sochi. Russian team – Team of the world. Professional Combat Sambo.      COMPETITION RESULTS   Preliminary Bouts Weight category of 70 kg Arman Ospanov (Kazakhstan) beat Alexei Polpudnikova (Russia) round1, knockout   Weight category of 93 kg + Murod Hanturaev (Kazakhstan) beat Evgeny Yerokhina (Russia) round1, 1:02, knockout   Weight category of 84 kg Zahar Mikhailov (Russia) beat Andrew Kayshova (Latvia) Round 2 TKO   Weight category of 80 kg Jaroslav Amoz (Hermes, Ukraine) beat   Vadim Sandulskogo (Moldova) Round 3, 3:10 rear naked choke   Weight category of 80 kg Bikram Dmitry (Russia) beat  Vladimir Opanasenko (Hermes, Ukraine) Round 1, 1:36, TKO   Match Play The Russian national team – Team World Weight category of 80 kg Alexander Utrera (Venezuela) defeated Alexei Ivanov (Russia) unanimous decision   Weight category of 93 kg Michael Mokhnatkin (Russia) beat Nikolay Alexiev  (Bulgaria) Round 3, 3-3, Choke   Weight category of 93 kg Denis Pinnacles (Russia) beat  Dritan Bardzhamaya (Austria) Round 1 Rear Naked Choke   Weight 82 kg Mikhail...

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