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Pahlavan Promotions 22 Results

Pahlavan Promotions 22 Results from 3/22/2014 (KB)(145lb) Shawn Albough defeats Tim Spence via Unanimous Decision (KB)(135lb) Danielle McAllister defeats Jill Devereux via Unanimous Decision (KB)(100lb) Malcolm Wallace defeats George Sirakis via Split Decision (KB)(155lb) Mark Spence defeats Aldo Molina via Majority Decision (MMA)(148lb) Kyle Mozes defeats Timothy Lofton via 3rd round Triangle at 2:37 (KB)(135lb) Kayla Hoag defeats Shawna Bond via TKO 2:22 2nd round (KB)(130lb) Roberto Santiago defeats Gabe Schram via Unanimous Decision (KB)(130lb) Chanyeda Galvez defeats Jenna Marshal via Unanimous Decision (MMA)(160lb) Doug Purvis defeats Daniel Smith via Armbar 1st round at 1:23 (KB)(110lb) Daniela Duran defeats Norina Burt via Unanimous Decision (KB)(185lb) Angela Oberer defeats Samantha Conely via Unanimous Decision (MMA)(135lb) Raymone Ramos defeats Mark Bevaqua via Unanimous Decision (KB)(185lb) Terry Janoski defeats Christian Harney via Unanimous Decision (KB)(155lb) Johnny Garcia defeats Kevin Williams via Unanimous Decision (KB)(124lb-128lb) Jared Wolfenberger defeats Jeffry...

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Pahlavan Promotions: Amateur Fight Night AFN 21 Live Results: Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing

TeamMadHouse Memeber Matthew Gaither is reporting the action live from The Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club 501 5th Avenue NE, Saint Petersburg, Florida. These results are sponsored by Intimidation Clothing View Map · Get Directions —————————— —————————— Fight #15 MAIN EVENT (KB 205lb) Tony Smith vs Alan Yvonnes: Yvonnes wins via KO at 1:54 of the 1st round. Fight #14 (KB 130lb) Victoria Debroux vs Kaitlyn Ranze: Ranze wins via Unanimous Decision. Fight #13 (MMA 145lb) Aaron Marino vs Chris Neuman: Marino wins via Split Decision. Fight #12 (KB) Tyronne Robinson vs Jamie Bradley: Exhibition. Fight #11 (KB 160lb) Mike Herrington vs Ali Alkhatib: Alkhatib wins via TKO at 0:23 of the 3rd round. Fight #10 (KB 150lb): Casey Levintis vs Johnny Garcia: Garcia wins via Unanimous Decision. Fight #9 (KB 107lb) Daniella Duran vs Montana Judd: Duran wins via TKO at...

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Pahlavan Promotions 20 Results

Pahlavan Promotions 20 Fight #1 (KB exhibition match): Youngsters, Hunter Guarino and Spencer Wade put on an exciting match (2×2 minute rounds) Fight #2 (KB) 185lb: Leigh Andre defeats Filomeno Osorio by Unanimous Decision. Fight #3 #PahlavanPromotions (KB) 170lb: Robert Suter defeats Casey Leventis by TKO at 0:45 of the 2nd round Fight #4 #PahlavanPromotions (KB) (130lb): Victoria Debroux defeats Jenna Marshal via TKO (body kick) at 1;29 1st round Fight #5 was a nonstop brawl. (KB 155lb) Lewis Reyes defeats William Howley by Split Decision. Fight #6 #PahlavanPromotions (MMA 155lb) Doug Purvis defeats Aaron Josiah by Unanimous Decsion. Fight #7 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 110lb) #WMMA @Cheyvlis defeats Daniella Duran by Unanimous Decision. Fight #8 (MMA) Junaure Saintill defeats Tony Leone by Decision for the ISKA/FL LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE Fight #9 #PahlavanPromotions (KB 170lb) Tyrone Robinson defeats Eric Brown by Unanimous Decision. Fight #10 #PahlavanPromotions (MMA 150lb)...

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