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GLOBAL MMA FC: BEACH BRAWL 1 12/15/12 Fight #1 Kace Wagner vs James Hollis. Wagner wins via Guillotine at 2:32 of rd 1 Fight #2 Randy Hernandez vs Astin Shellman. Hernandez wins via TKO at 2:30 of rd 1. Fight #3 Pedro Lopez vs Justin Lawrence. Lopez wins via kimura at 2:15 of rd 2. Fight #4 Steven Esquivel vs Dean Stupar (Gator MMA). Stupar wins via unanimous decision. Fight #5 Chance Boykin vs James Garza. Garza wins via kneebar at 2:32 of rd 2. Fight #6 Christian Reed vs Vinney Pantaleon. (135lb title fight) Pantaleon wins via TKO at 2:00 of rd 2. Fight #7 David Neymour vs Mark Frisk. Neymour wins via unanimous decision. Fight #8 Joesph Lundy vs Dominick Tomanelli. Tomanelli wins via TKO at 1:23 of rd 1. Fight #9 Michael Bentley vs Ladarious Jackson (Gator MMA) (170lb title fight). Jackson...

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GLOBAL MMA FC: BEACH BRAWL 1 Weigh-ins [PHOTO ALBUM] Randy Hernandez (American Top Team Cape Coral) 156.2 lbs vs. Astin Shelman (Independant) 157.6 lbs 155 lb Title Fight Ladarious Jackson 171 lbs (Gator MMA) vs. Michael Bentley (Ybor Jiu Jitsu Club) 175.8 lbs 170 lb Title Fight Christian Reed (Tiffin Elite MMA) 134.2 lbs vs.  Vinny Pantaleon (American Top Team Cape Coral) 135.4 lbs  135 lb Title Fight James Garza (Team Hurley) 155.4 lbs vs.  Chance Boykin (Top Dog) 158 lbs James Hollis (Team James “Gladiator” Hollis) 146.2 vs. Kace Wagner (Omega MMA) 143.2 lbs Dean Stupar 128.4 lbs (Gator MMA) vs.  Steven Esquivel (Independant) 139 lbs Zenon Herrera (Gator MMA)(will weigh in tomorrow before the fights due to work obligation) vs. Kevin Harrison (Top Dog) 157.8 lbs David Neymour (Omega MMA) 146.2 lbs vs. Mark Frisk (Gracie Brandon)  138 lbs Justin Lawrence (Independant) 183.4 lbs vs.  Pedro Lopez (Highlander MMA) 187.6 lbs All fighters must be within 5lbs of their...

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“Gator MMA Dominates NAGA”

“Gator MMA Dominates NAGA” Gator MMA is not a place where you will see black belts being earned. You won’t find any hot heads trying to prove they are the king of the jungle. You surely won’t find hostility or envy of one another’s abilities. Upon arriving at the gym you will find dedication, determination, and a family atmosphere like few others. You are sure to find decorated martial artists spanning a wide range of disciplines. The coaching staff is made up of variety of people representing an even broader variety of martial arts. Their ages range as far as their diverse disciplines. The fight team, Team Assassin, is made up of young hungry fighters. Each of them is trying to become the best martial artists that they can be. Outside of the 22 foot cage that calls Gator MMA its home, you will find the matted floors full of wrestlers and...

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