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Cubicle to the cage Blog #3 Episode 102

Cubicle to the cage Blog #3 Episode 102 Let me tell you a little about Peter (Poppa) Martell. I have never seen anyone so calm in the face of complete calamity. On any given day he spends time with his family, works (2 jobs), trains professional fighters, runs fitness classes for soccer moms and couch potatoes, promotes MMA events, and does God-only-knows-what-else with the 15 minutes that remains in the day. Rumor has it he plays the cello. I have personally been choked into submission by Peter… while he was taking a call on his cell phone. So while I felt like the sky was falling when Team TITANS lost its gym, Pete was over it and on to finding a new location before I had too much opportunity to get upset. While Palooka’s was an absolutely beautiful facility and we would have loved to...

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Cubicle to the cage Blog #1

 Cubicle to the cage  Blog #1 Introduction   My name is Boyd Sharpe. I’m 40 years old and I have no combat sports experience or training. In 12 months I want to step into the cage and fight my first professional mixed martial arts fight. And even better, I’m going to take 30 other cubicle workers, most with no previous fight training, along for the ride. The program is called Cubicle to the Cage. And it started like this…   The first time I ever saw mixed martial arts was probably in 1995. I was visiting my cousin Jason and he had an overused, poor quality VHS tape of something called the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I don’t remember the exact details, but do remember enough to know I did not like what I was seeing. It seemed excessively violent and brutish. I kept cringing and...

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