Carson Cooper – Return to the Cage

Carson Cooper is an explosion in the cage; a very articulate, well formulated warrior of MMA. 

Carson Cooper & Caitlin Dieni

Cooper, 2-0 out of Valhalla Crossfit School of Combat is making his return to the cage this Saturday, September 29th at FIGHT NIGHT: TSUNAMI after a gnarly front kick to the face that required nine stitches. Cooper’s last fight was in May and ended with his entire upper body covered in blood from the first few seconds of the fight.

“It was more shocking than anything I couldn’t focus on the pain; just the fight. I came to win.”

Cooper has spent the last six months training in every aspect of the sport, physically and mentally.

“I train almost every day of the week. It’s my number one priority. I train my ground game, striking game, everything. I want to be prepared for whatever comes at me.”

Cooper sees the sport in a very technical frame of mind, and isn’t looking at it as just a scrap. He expects clean technique. Mixed martial arts aren’t just a hobby for Cooper.

“I want a clean technical fight. I treat every fight as the fight of my career and I want to show my skills for every fight. I don’t want to go in the cage and look like I’m just looking for a fight. I want to make it into a sport and see it for what it is. Technique, dedication, and hard work.”

Cooper’s fight at FIGHT NIGHT: TSUNAMI is against Sean Clemmons and Cooper says after his many months of healing and restoration of training he feels very confident going into the fight.


MMA Fighter – Carson K Cooper

“I’ve spent a lot of time training really hard, about six days a week and I plan on finishing the fight. I don’t want it to come down to decision; I’m looking for a knockout or submission for sure. I’m prepared to strike with him, he’s a very strong and athletic guy, but I think I can come out with the win. Winning is the best feeling ever, nothing compares to your hand being held up.”

Cooper is looking towards the future with bright eyes as he hopes to continue being successful in the cage and earn two to three more belts however deems necessary.

“I want to stay at 170lbs. and get 2 or 3 more belts and then try to go big and go pro. If my fight Saturday goes good, I want to wait two or three more months before taking another fight. I want to focus on one fight at a time, and not become worried about training for two different fights. I put my heart and soul into every fight I have, and I don’t ever want to face losing, and going in the cage thinking I’m going to lose.”

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