CageSport XXI Recap

A ruckus crowd awaited an action packed night of fights and the warriors CageSport selected did not let them down.  Rich Guerin put together one of the best CageSport fightcards seen in a while, from top to bottom this card was a banger.

Emmanuel Sanchez versus Brandon Dudley was a three round classic that will be talked about for a few moons to come.  Both fighters came into this fight undefeated and neither guy wanted to give that up. This fight saw it all from great striking to phenomenal grappling when the fight went to the mat.  Sanchez was able to avoid several close submission attempts from Dudley and able to control the striking throughout the fight.  Dudley has one hell of a chin and some of those shots would have put lesser men down.  At the end of 15 minutes it came down to a split decision and Emmanuel Sanchez got the win and keeps the undefeated moniker for at least one more fight.  This was my pick for fight of the night as these two WARRIORS left it all in the cage.

Jerome Jones got the TKO victory over Jeff Degenhardt 11 seconds into the first round. Not really a lot to talk about here folks, I blinked and this was the result.

Andy Paves grinded out a unanimous decision over Jose Rico in a fight that he probably could have finished a few times if Rico was a weaker man, but Rico was all heart and chin and really made Paves earn that paycheck.

A controversial tap gave Christian Ortiz the victory over Chris Wheaton via 1st round rear naked choke.  Wheaton was immediately pleading with the referee that he did not tap out, but his hand hit the mat in a tapping motion.

Ryan Mulvihill was on the wrong end of the fight with Jacob Boysen for the first two rounds, but that did not stop this man.  Mulvihill came out in the third round looking for the finish and he got it when he rolled Boysen into a guillotine forcing the tap out at 1:46 of the third round.

Damon “The Demon” Wood found his victory inside the first round defeating Sean Villalva via TKO. Wood made a statement and let the crowd know that SportsLab had to FlyWeights here now and they are ready for WAR!!.

Brett Knopp defeated Brandon Pitts in the second round of their battle via TKO.  Pitts and Knopp fought clinched against the cage for most of the first round. Early in the second round there was a scramble in which Knopp ended up landing a couple shots that dropped Pitts to his knees and followed that up forcing the referee to make the stoppage.

Jared Torgeson and Byron Sutton another fight that went the distance but was full of action and showed both great clinch work as well as striking at some range.  The last 20 seconds of this fight it was like a light bulb went off over both guys heads and they just unloaded until the bell rang, when they embraced each other and soaked in some praise for a great performance by both combatants.  Jared Torgeson earned a unanimous decision victory and grabbed his first three fight win streak of his career.  These two guys put on one hell of a performance and neither guy should have walked away from that fight with his head down.

Richard Foster one of the few undefeated guys that got to leave with that moniker, but he definitely earned it.  Matt Kovacs and Richard Foster had one hell of a fight and Matt Kovacs diving through the air like a Patriot Missile on top of Foster had the crowd oohing and aahing, but that gave Foster the moment he needed to win a scramble on the ground and secure the choke.  A great win for Foster because Kovacs is never an easy out.

In what came to be known as the Tattoo Fight Julian Erosa of Yakima MMA and Jason Gybels of Desert Dogs MMA in Bend, Oregon squared off.  Erosa came in with the plan to stand and bang and try to refrain from the ground game of Gybels.  These guys were exchanging leg kicks and it looked like early Julian landed a kick to the liver area that may have really affected Gybels, but Gybels landed a punches on Erosa’s chin that looked like they dazed him.  Gybels tried to pull guard once and Erosa waved him back up.  The end came in a quick exchange when Julian landed a right hook that crumpled Gybels in the first round. As always Gybels is gracious both in defeat and victory and raises his opponent up showing Erosa much respect after what was a great fight.

CageSport XXI was a phenomenal night of fights and if you were not able to be there in person they are airing on ROOT SPORTS at the following times: October 5th, 10pm; October 12th, 12am; October 21, 11pm.

Remember December 1, 2012 CageSport XXII goes down at the Emerald Queen Casino.  You can expect another night of great fights and continue to SUPPORT LOCAL MMA!!!

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