Cage Warrior Combat VI Result

Cage Warrior Combat VI    8/3/13

Mike Joy def  Roy Bradshaw via RNC RD1

AJ Weber def Ben Haley via TKO RD1

Brad Fullwood def Chris Wheaton  via UD

Tom Wilson def Dustin Praxedes via RNC RD1

Alex Corrales def  Luis Gomez via UD 125 Title

Rob Cann def Ryan Schecterson via Armbar RD3  145 Title

Randy Davidson def James Davis via Arm Triangle RD2 

Gagan Gill def Travis Gurno via RNC RD1 

Manny Carter def RJ Hoyt via UD

Fernando Heredia def  Robbie Larsen via  Majority 

Chris Williams def Shane Garcia  via TKO RD1

James Trochowski def Keith Boe via Standing Guillotine RD1

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