Breakthrough MMA 9: Night of Champions 2

“Heavy Weight Title (Main Event)
Mo DeReese vs Dominick Tomanelli II
Current BMMA light heavyweight champ undefeated (10-0) Mo De’Reese is the #1 ranked amateur light heavy weight in the state! DeReese will be stepping up a weight class and giving up 30lbs to take on the heavy hitting, heavyweight Dominick Tomanelli (5-1). Tomanelli has been tearing his way through the heavy weight division all across the state with 5 out of 6 of his fights ending in KO/TKO. This match is guaranteed to be exciting as both of these two monsters look to crush there opponent in dominating fashion. (This will be Mo De’Reese’s final amateur fight before turning pro)
145lb Featherweight Title Fight
Anderson Hutchinson vs William Sizemore
Undefeated BMMA lightweight champ, Anderson Hutchinson was scheduled to fight Richie Dehnz who was considered the top contender in the state until William Sizemore derailed Dehnz’s plans by KO’ing him on another promotion last week, leaving Dehnz on medical suspension and moving Sizemore into the #1 contender spot. Will Sizemore’s hot streak continue or will the undefeated Hutchinson stop him and remain undisputed BMMA featherweight champ?
185lb Middle Weight Title
Alex “Spartan” Nicholson vs Brad Taylor (from hit TV show Axe Men)
The “Spartan” looks to defend his belt against reality tv star of the hit show Axe Men Brad Taylor. Taylor is a very seasoned fighter with 23 fights under his belt. Spartan is no rookie himself with 14 fights under his belts. Lots of experience with a combined total of over 37 fights between them. Both fighters are known for there tremendous heart and desire to stand and bang. Dont blink during this one as we expect both men to meet in the middle of the cage with no regard for the other and stand toe to toe until someone falls!
135lb Bantam Weight Title
Rory Every vs Ryan “The Hurricane” Hogans
Current BMMA bantamweight champ Rory Every (5-1) looks to defend his belt for the 1st time against possibly the most seasoned amateur fighter out there, Ryan Hogans (21-9). These guys have a combined 36 fights under there belt going into this fight. Every hold titles in 2 organizations, and Hogans holds 5 titles from multiple states. Both guys are quick explosive fighters. We expect this fight to be very faced paced and exciting!
170 Welter Weight Title
Calen Holcomb vs Matt “The Weekend” Moran
Current undefeated BMMA Welterweight champ Calen Holcomb (5-0) will defend his title against fellow undefeated fighter, Matt “The Weekend” Moran (3-0). Both athletes have finished everyone of there opponents. Moran has finished 2 out of 3 of his opponents in the 1st round and Holcomb has finished 3 out of 5 of his in the 1st round as well. Both men are finishers and finish quick. With 2 undefeated records on the line, we expect fireworks and expect them right out of the gate!
125 Fly Weight Title
Dillon Gower vs Jay “Presto” Pressley
Current BMMA flyweight champ Dillon Gower (4-2) face ex BMMA bantamweight champion Jay “Presto” Pressley (4-1). Dillon also currently holds the state Muay Thai title. Pressley is also a established Muay Thai champion with an impressive 9-2 MT record and several MT titles himself. Both athletes are extremely exciting to watch with a ton of skill and experience! This one has all the makings for FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!
We also have former BMMA Bantamweight champ Jay “Presto” Pressley (4-1) coming out of retirement to take one more fight before turning pro. He will be fighting one of the top 125rs in the state, Spencer Mumme (5-2). Jay Presto Pressley is known for his unorthodox new wave striking (running up the cage walls and throwing kicks, flying knees. etc…). Mumme has been on a hot streak himself finishing opponents quickly and in dominating fashion. These two guys are probably the most explosive fighters on the entire card. Dont blink because this is going to be a very faced paced action packed exciting match up.

We also have all of your favorite locals and top contenders in the state on the card. Tickets will be on sale at Please confirm your attending on this event page and like us on facebook to get all of the latest news and fight card match ups. Doors open at 6pm fights start at 7pm.”

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