Brawlaween Results

Brawlaween    10/26/13


11. Main Event-
155lbs MMA Super Fight Title Fight
Cameron Kirby (6-7, Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs Bobby McIntyre (5-4, United Training Center)- Winner: Bobby McIntyer Armbar RD1

10. Co-Main Event
Heavy Weight MMA Super Fight Title Fight
David Lewis (4-11, Full Force MMA) vs James Roberson (3-6, Big Dawgs Fight Team)- Winner: James Robertson via TKO RD1

Main Card-
Andrew Washburn (0-0, Academy of Brian Johnson) vs ???????? (????, ????)
8. 125lbs Kickboxing-
Claire Foden (0-0, Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs Jesse Roberson (1-0, Team Blackout)- Winner: Jesse Robertson via DEC
7. 170lbs MMA-
Zeph Hubbel (0-1, Independent) vs Daniel Stotts (0-0, Eatonville MMA)- Winner: Daniel Stotts via Sub RD1
6. 130lbs San Shou-
Timothy Zacharias (0-0, Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs MATHIEW Anderson (Eatonville MMA)- Winner: Timothy Zacharias via DEC
5. 135lbs Kickboxing
Jamal Burse (0-0, Independent) vs Robert Aramas (0-1, NW Elite)
4. 145lbs MMA-Winner: Robert Aramas via DEC
Pat Clark (0-2, Academy of Brian Johnson’s) Vs Justin Novo (0-1, United Training Center) Winner: Justin Novo via Sub RD1
Under Card-
3. 150lbs Submission Grappling-
Daniel Elliott (Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs Thomas Pierce Jr. (GUMMA)- Winner: Danny Elliott via most subs
2. 185lbs Submission Grappling-
Roderick Goodwin (Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs Michael Weglin (Eatonville MMA)- Winner: Roderick Goodwin via DEC
1. 145lbs Submission Grappling-
Michael Grimmett (Team Evolution MMA/MABJJ) vs Shawn Smith (Big Dawgs Fight Team)- Winner: Michael Grimmet via most subs.


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