Last Round Boxer “UNDER FIRE” Weigh In Results

Official Weights for fighters for the “UNDER FIRE” Scheduled for Saturday, June 15, 2013 at the Moncton Lions Club – 55 Mark Avenue, Moncton. Doors Open at 6 PM, First Bell 7:00 PM
4 Rounds Heavyweights
Kevin Cormier 241.8 lbs VS Bradley Foulagi 262.6 lbs
4 Rounds Welterweiught
Luke Noel 144.4 lbs VS Marcel “Little Magic” Maillet 142.2 Lbs.
4 Rounds Heavyweights
Julien Collette 248.6 lbs VS Alexander “Sandy” Pembroke 253.8 lbs
6 Rounds Super Middleweights
Jonah Arbuckle 164 lbs VS Eddie “Hotel” Gates 165.4 lba
6 Rounds National Boxing Authority Maritime Super Middleweight Title
Travis Connors 168 lbs VS Richard Arsenault 166.2 lbs
8 Round National Boxing Authority Eastern Canadian Middleweight Title
Brandon Brewer 156.4 lbs VS Francis Lefreniere 158.4 lbs
10 Round National Boxing Authority Canadian Cruiserweight Title
Frank White 192.8 lbs VS Alexander “Sandy” Robb 192.8 lbs


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