The Blackzilians Dominate WSOF

The Blackzilians dominate WSOF
The Blackzilians have been making moves and a lot of high profile fighters have migrated to Florida to train with the most talented fighters in every aspect of the game. On Saturday night The Blackzilians dominated their opponents and made a statement that they are “home in the World Series of Fighting”.
Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante has not finished a fight since 2007 and has plenty of ups n downs in his career lately but training with The Blackzilians has brought back that killer instinct that I feel he was lacking in his last few fights. ‘JZ’ came into this fight on a 2 fight losing streak and had something to prove to himself and the World. That is exactly what he did defeating TJ O’Brien in just 1:03 into the fight. He easily won the fight with a nasty heel hook without taking any damage and without taking any time off will be fighting November 17th at Shoot Boxing World Tournament 2012. (Standing Vale Tudo Tournament that combines striking, throws, and submissions)
Tyrone Spong is the best kickboxer to transition into MMA and had a successful MMA debut knocking out seasoned veteran Travis Bartlett. Bartlett proved his toughness taking multiple kicks to the head but Spong eventually hit him with a clean straight right hand. Spong walked off because he is so used to the kickboxing rules. I think it was one of the best “walk off knockouts” I have ever seen. Any fan who has ever seen “King of the Ring” fight knows that his stand up is on another level. His ground game will be tested in his future fights but training with people like Braulio Estima and Rashad Evans it’s a guarantee that he be ready for that test.
In the Co-Main event Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson took on DJ Linderman, Linderman came into the fight on a 3 fight winning streak, I thought his game plan would be to try to take ‘Rumble’ down to avoid his heavy hands and kicks but DJ is someone who fights anyone so I know he just wanted to bring a great fight but he got caught coming in with his hands down and got knocked out. Anthony Johnson has been very successful since deciding it was healthier for him to fight at 205. He has won 3 out of 3 fights fighting at Light Heavyweight and is ready to fight anyone but “not calling anyone out”. I think that the next thing for ‘Rumble’ and MMA: World Series of Fighting is a super fight between Arlovski and ‘Rumble’ since they are both coming off of huge KO wins.

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  1. Ya that was a fantastic showing by the Blackzilians. They haven’t had a ton of success in the UFC as of late, but they cleaned up here.

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