BlacKOut Fighting Championship announces iPPV deal with, starting this Saturday



BlacKOut Fighting Championship announces iPPV deal with, starting this Saturday

BlacKOut Fighting Championship has had 10 successful amateur shows in Kansas and Missouri so for the 11th event they decided to take the promotion to the next level by doing a Pro/Am event.

BFC is the only promotion that travels to cities and towns where Mixed Martial Arts promotions have not been established and for this they are trendsetters in the area. Since BlacKOut Fighting Championships is a promotion that travels the fans, families, and teammates of fighters might not be able to travel so far in order to support their favorite fighters LIVE so the next best thing is internet streaming and it starts at BlacKOut Fighting Championships 11 this Saturday on GFL- GoFightLive.

Owner/Promoter Travis Courter said “We decided to stream live for many reasons, 1st reason is because we bring fighters in from distances that most of their fans wouldn’t travel. By streaming live they can watch their fighter live at home! Another reason we went this direction is because fighters want instant video of their fights. GFL.TV allows them to pay for the event and watch it anytime and as many times as they want… in turn it generates more income and cuts cost because we do not have to make DVD’s or render footage. All together its about the fans and fighters.

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Go Fight Live (GFL) is a pioneer in the Internet Broadcasting industry, providing the public with access to fight events worldwide, daily news shows, feature interviews, and a comprehensive database of fighter videos, information, photos, and event information.

GFL Is the largest broadcaster of combat sporting events in the World. Having broadcast more than 850 live events in the past 3 years we greatly exceeding any Cable/Satellite/TV or other broadcaster of combat sports. Over 1.8 Million viewers in more than 60 countries have viewed GFL. Our growing catalog of Boxing, MMA, Wrestling and other combat sports fights exceeds 3500 videos with new shows and videos being added weekly.



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