BlacKOut Fighting Championship 13 THIS SATURDAY!!!!

We are just days away from BlacKOut Fighting Championship 13 in Carthage, Missouri. With over 12 regional champions, 2 title fights, and top talent from throughout the Midwest this is an event that YOU CANNOT MISS. The event will be available on for only $14.99 and you can get your tickets at

Cage of Honor Champion and top featherweight Teejay Britton (5-1) will be taking on Oklahoma Native and Sugar Creek Showdown Bantamweight champion Hector Arteaga (7-2).
Teejay ‘BAD NEWZ’ Britton has been very successful at Featherweight but has decided to make the cut to 135 because bigger fighters tend to try to hold him down. Teejay is 6’4? and is going to have a reach advantage on pretty much anyone in the division. Teejay will have the hometown crowd on his side and plans on putting on a show for all his family and fans in attendance. Hector Arteaga is looking to upset the crowd and get a win in order to move one step closer to the title. Hector recently won the Sugar Creek Showdown Bantamweight title and is on a roll right now. Both these guys just want to be tested and this fight is going to be a great fight to see where they stand in the Bantamweight division.

In the Co-Main Event UCW strawweight champion Miles”The Warrior”Mcdonald (12-2) will be fighting SPIRE MMA #4 ranked flyweight Kendrick Latchman (9-3) for the Inaugural BFC Strawweight title.
There’s only a few promotions that currently have a strawweight division so BFC wanted to have a platform for the smaller guys to fight. When I say small guys, I’m talking about 115 pounds. These guys are going to be lightning fast and moving around the cage so damn fast that you better not blink. #4 ranked Kendrick Latchman will be traveling from St. Louis to take on UCW strawweight Champion Miles “The Warrior”McDonald. Latchman has never fought at 115 and has had to fight at 125, 135, 145 and even 155 in order to get a fight so it’s nice to see that he has an opportunity to fight at a weight that he will be comfortable with. This fight will determine the #1 strawweight in Missouri and the first ever BFC Strawweight Champion.

BlacKOut Fighting Championship Womens Title will be up for grabs in this fight between Krystal ‘The List’ McGuire (4-1) and Blair Patton (1-0).
Blaire Patton (1-0) was willing to fight any female in her weight class that wanted to step up and fight because there’s not too many female fighters out there that didn’t already have fights scheduled or wanted to fight her.  Krystal ‘The List’ McGuire has been searching for title fights and she’s in luck because Promoter Travis Couter wanted to make it a “night of Champions” so he decided to make this fight for Inaugural BFC Womens Title.

Former ShoFIGHT Featherweight champ Aaron Roberson (7-3) vs Robert Mayes (8-3)
Aaron Roberson has had the worst luck with opponents no showing or backing out of fights and planned on going pro several months ago but was sidelined by an injury. Aaron Roberson is one of the best Featherweights in the Midwest and plans on moving one step closer to another amateur title or the pro ranks after this fight. Robert Mayes promises he will show up. If Robert Mayes gets a win over Roberson in this fight that will be huge for him but it’s not going to be easy.

CITC Featherweight Champ Hardy Friely vs XCC Bantamweight Champ Kory Jamal II
There has been a lot of trash talk in this fight. Hardy Friely and Kory Jamal have fought before and Hardy got the submission win in the 1st round and is probably looking to do the same thing in this fight. Kory Jamal has made a lot of improvements since that fight and we might just see a different outcome here. I know both these guys plan on coming here and finishing the fight so this will be one hell of a grudge match.

155- David Woodall (4-1) vs. Fred Freeman
David Woodall is a very exciting striker but has finished most of his fights via submission. Fred Freeman stepped up on short notice and I’m not really to familiar with him but I know he comes Modern Combat Systems, which is a legit gym so I expect him to be a very game opponent for David Woodall.

125- UCW flyweight champ James Gerkey (4-0) vs. Brad Richy (2-0)
Army Combatives fighter Brad Richy is looking to make a name for himself in this fight by taking on undefeated UCW flyweight champion James “BEEF” Gerkey. Brad Richy is going to want to keep this fight standing if he expects to get a win because Gerkey is very dangerous on the ground.

155- CITC Lightweight Champ Caleb Dye (10-4) vs Kyleb Collins (11-5)
Caleb ‘Bulldog’ Dye is returning to the cage after taking a very long break due to several injuries and is looking to get a win and secure his spot in the BFC Lightweight Grand Prix. Kyleb Collins is on a losing streak and looking to get back in the winning column. Both guys are hungry for wins which makes this fight one of the best fights of the night.

170- Michael Heckert (2-1) vs Dalton Cummings (1-0)
Michael Heckert is one of the most athletic and dedicated fighters I have ever seen in the sport and he is only 18 years old. His striking is on point and he improves every single time he fights. Dalton Cummings is coming off a quick win in his debut and he has very good wrestling and is just athletic as Michael Heckert so this fight could go either way. No matter what the outcome of this fight both will have a bright future in this sport.

185- Joshua Rector vs. Brandon Collins 
One armed fighter and Iraq War veteran Joshua Rector will be making his debut against Brandon Collins (debut). 
Joshua Rector is an amputee and is ready to make his debut following in the footsteps of other fighters like Keith Miner and Nick Newell. Joshua has won medals in several grappling tournaments and his coach felt like it is the right time for him to make his debut. It was not easy finding an opponent for Joshua because “noone wants to beat up a one armed guy” but Brandon Collins decided to take the fight because he didn’t want a veteran who has served our country to go out without a fight. Much respect to both fighters in this fight.

155- Frank Byers (1-0) vs Greg Owens (3-0)
Frank ‘The Tank’ Byers got his 1st win at BlacKOut Fighting Championship in Fort Scott, Kansas and instantly became a fan favorite because of the respect and class he has inside the cage.  Greg Owens is undefeated and has won every fight by Guillotine choke. Both guys are very good on the ground and I expect to see a battle on the mat.

135- Isaac Badger (5-2) vs Seth Mitchell (2-1)
Isaac Badger has been boxing for several years and recently got into MMA. He was originally supposed to fight Anthony Lupica but Lupica had to pull out of the fight and he is now fighting Seth Mitchell. Seth is a well-rounded fighter that will fight anyone you ask him to without any questions asked.

HW- Doug Dainty (1-4) vs AJ Smith (0-1)
The Heavyweights will be rattling the cage in this fight between 2 fighters needing wins. Doug Dainty is a guy who has stepped up on short notice to fight and had matchmakers switch his opponents at the last minute and is hungry for this win at BFC 13. AJ Smith also fought a beast in his first fight and we think this is a great opportunity for 2 guys with “hardluck records”  to get a win.

135- Hector Friely (1-2) vs James Van Hauenstein (1-1)
Hector stepped up on short notice to fight Tyler Jensen, who backed out of the fight so it left Hector without an opponent. James Van Hauenstein decided he would step up and take the fight. Both guys are new to the sport and looking to get a win here.

175- Blaine Dye (debut) vs Cory Haumann (0-2)
Blaine Dye is making his debut against Cory Haumann in this match up of newcomers to the sport.

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