Big Steve Paprocki Ready to show the definition of a Heavy Hitter

Big Steve Paprocki Ready to show the definition of a Heavy  Hitter

By: Donald Pierce Colorado

“Big” Steve Paprocki     (kick boxer)

Born: Rochester, New York fighting out of Westminster,

Age: 31

Height: 5’10

Weight: 255 Lbs. (amateur heavy weight)

I got to sit down and talk to Big Steve Paprocki before
his fight March  30th for Sparta combat league’s Heavy Hitters. When I walked
into LA Boxing in  Westminster, Colorado I was greeted by amateur
heavyweight   fighter Steve Paprocki  (also  general manager of multiple LA Boxing
gyms in Colorado).  Just buy the look of Mr. Paprocki you can tell the man’s a
fighter.   Standing 5’10 and a solid 255 lbs. of muscle, then you add hands
the size of  anvils and you see the tools of a true heavyweight. However,
little  do people know that Steve is one of the nicest guys you can meet,
always a  smile on his face, willing to share a word of encouragement and
always willing  to help somebody out.  Truly he embodies the MMA sprit. I had the
honor  of fighting on the same card as Steve when we were both making our
amateur debut.  I remember peeking out the dressing rooms to catch his
fight thinking, “I hope I don’t have to fight that guy any time soon I like my
head where it is.”  After our fights were over I got to talk to Steve  and I
got to see the fun side of him and how honest he is.  He  has the ability
to say what he thinks he did well and to say what he  didn’t.  Truly a

Steve’s first fight was against tough American top  team fighter Kevin Ray
Sears in December, a match up that I was excited to  watch. The face off at
weigh-ins would set the stage for the battle, you can tell these two men
were going to go to war and leave it in the cage.   Face to face, nose to
nose, neither man showed fear.. You can tell Steve wanted to keep the fight
standing, throwing heavy hands and landing some  clean shots.  Having felt the
power and speed Kevin decided to take it to the ground and got a hand full
of take downs to take the victory.

Little do people know Steve made a deal with  friend/training partner Danny
Mitchell, if Danny took the leap from amateur to  professional  Steve would
take his  first amateur bout little did he know 8 weeks later he would be
in the cage. I talked to Steve after his fight and he was more than humble
saying, “I give him credit, he had a game plan and stood with it.”  Not
having a full camp could have played a role in not being prepared more for the
ground game with what being a natural kickboxer. But now he has a full
camp under his belt and is ready to go full force. Having coaches the likes of
Danny Mitchell and Ben Schissler to work on all different aspects of his
game Steve is ready to go.  Also helping him prepare is  top ranked
professional WMMA  fighter Diana Rael, Luke Ruts, Steve Johnson, Alex Escalera and
many others .  Steve has been working on his ground game and many other
aspects of fighting that you can not disclose without giving up his game plan.
His upcoming fight with Amoz Elizondo is going to be the definition of what
the heavy hitters show is all about.  Going up in weight because his
opponent is having trouble cutting weight Steve is gaining weight  from 255 to
265, but in a very healthy way.

I see this fight going many ways but one thing is almost
certain, it’s not going the distance.  With Steve’s heavy hands and  speed it
could be a short night for Amoz Elizondo but it is a fight so you  never
know what’s going to happen.  When I asked Steve what he wanted to  do in MMA
it was simple answer, “This is not my career, this is a hobby to me,
something I like to do. I  have a good job and love what I do so I’m going to take
it one fight at a  time.”   I asked the question if given the opportunity to
rematch Kevin Sears (who is also fighting on the same heavy hitters card
for  the Sparta Combat League’s heavyweight title) would he take it?   I’ve
never see somebody smile so big and it was a simple answer,  “Absolutely I
would.”  I see Big Steve being a force in MMA and stirring  the pot in the
division with great hands and an ever improving ground  game.  There is one
thing for sure, this Heavy Hitter is coming to  fight.

Big Steve  would like to thank all his training partners and
coaches that help him on a  daily basis and his sponsors.  Ugly Dog Sports
cafe, Spartan Labs INC  ,LA Boxing, Serial Boxe, Krieger Thai Boxing Club, Uncle
Nasty, DR. Sarah  Litchke, Presidential Roofing and Restoration, Roberts
Electrical Contracting,  Penthouse Club, Smokey Banana Tattoo and ILTCORP.BIZ

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