BATTLE @ THE BAY III  3/30/2013

1. Thomas Hoeper def  Curtis Hagg via TKO RD1 @2:58

2.  Hunter Clagett def  Diego Soto via  UN DEC 29-28 (x2) 30-27

3. Jessie “Busta” Nutting def  Thomas Prop via TKO RD2 @1:13

4. Jamey Lynch def Allen Guitterez via Triangle choke RD1 @2:27

5. Jake Furney def  Jake Fletcher via UN DEC 29-28 (x2) 30-27

6. Miles Coble def Mike Buckley via Verbal Tap (GNP) RD1 @2:31

7.Tom Wilson def  Tyler Thompson via Armbar RD2 @1:58

8. Johnny Gilbertson def Pattrick Benson  via RNC RD3 @2:36 145 Title Fight

9. CO-MAIN EVENT Chris Garcia def Will Comstock via Guillotine RD1 @0:43

10. MAIN EVENT Tim Abell def  Ikaika Tampos  via Armbar RD3 @1:00

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 11.35.48 AM_0

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