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Australian Fighting Championships


Melbourne based Australian Fighting Championship has quickly developed a name for itself as the premier organization to fight for “down under.” AFC 5 will be kicking off here momentarily live from the Melbourne Pavilion with a card stock full of quality fighters from around the world.  Promoters Sean Bridger and Adam Milankovic have a fighter first mentality and are more concerned with the fighters well being and how their career’s can prosper it is no wonder that AFC is thriving.

Australian Fighting Championship is based in a state that requires the  use of the ring due to laws that have cages banned in MMA.  Adam Milankovic feels that it is more the look and perception of the cage rather than an elevated level of danger.  However Adam does feel that in due time the cages will be allowed and encouraged because of the safety factors that the cage brings.  At AFC 4 a couple fighters went over the top rope and landed on a cageside table something that would not have happened if they were in a cage rather than a ring.  Ironically while Adam sees the cage as an eventual destination for MMA across Australia he personally prefers the use of the ring and stated that it is a better viewing platorm for the guests.

AFC 5 main event will be for the 70 KG title featuring Rusty “The Wrecking Ball” McBride against current title holder Daniel “The Hangman” Hooker in a rematch that will be hard pressed to live up to their first fight, if McBride can exact some revenge it could set these two warriors up for a trilogy that they could really use to be a stamp on their careers.

The card will also feature dualing tournaments as the first round of the 77 KG and 84 KG divisions will be kicking off with the winners of the perspective tournaments being declared the champions of their division after the finals at AFC 7.  A 77 KG matchup between Alex “The Hulk” Volkanovski and Corey “The Major” Nelson is gonna be a fight that will determine the front runner to win that tournament.  The other matchups in the 77 KG tournament are: Dean “The Punisher” Purdon vs Peter “The Bulldog” Davenport, Zein Saliba vs Walber “Tete” De Barros, and Jake “The Celtic Kid” Matthews vs Luke “The Juggernaut” Jumeau.  The 84 KG tournament features Bor “Playbor” Bratovz against Rick Alchin, Daniel Kelly vs Chris “Bad Boy” Birch, Vik “The Spartan” Grujic vs Daniel “Grasshopper” Way and Cole “Showtime” Davids v Steven “The Steamroller” Kennedy.  

Daniel Kelly is a 4-time Australian Olympic Judoka who is ready to improve upon his 2-0 record, but don’t think Chris Birch is a tomato can by any means folks.

In a shake off the dust match Ian “Goshu Hurricane” Schaffa will be stepping in the cage after a three year hiatus to fight Kieran Joblin.  Schaffa has had some great fights in Asia with Kid Yamamoto and Genki Sudo.  Schaffa is fit and confident going into this fight with  Joblin.

Another Australian Olympic Judoka that will be stepping inside the ring at AFC 5 is Ivo Dos Santos a 2-0 professional will be locking horns with 4-1 Rory O’Connell.  O’Connell comes from TP Fight Team where he trains with TUF Alum Richie Vaculik and also with Aussie legend Bernardo Trekko.  This will be a great test for Dos Santos to see where he stands with a seasoned veteran with a little more experience.

“Fearless” Joe Fisher and Jordan “ShowTime” Lucas the smallest guys on the card, but the guys I have a feeling steal the show right out from under everyone else.  This is gonna be an action packed, fast paced 62 KG fight that will have you left sweating after it is over.

The opening fight will set the bar for the whole evening and as we have seen over the last year or so when WMMA is going on you don’t want to miss a single second of the action because the ladies always bring the thunder.  Lana “The Black Mamba” Kate vs Amy “Ace” Adam are another rematch that intends to pick up right where the last one left off at. Amy Adam will be seeking to avenge the loss and get back on the winning track.

AFC 5 can be watched via IPPV at EPICENTER.TV or live and in person at the Melbourne Pavilion.  If you are not out supporting local MMA whether it be in Australia or Timbuktu you won’t regret it because you will get to see the show that great promoters like Sean Bridger and Adam Milnakovic are doing under the radar.





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