Art of Grappling 6/29/2013

Art of Grappling 6/29/2013

The Art of Grappling brought great action, on June 29th, in the form of their very first adult grappling tournament. The competitors showed up in large numbers at the Hilton in Downtown Tampa. Art of Grappling is co-owned by Ralph Garcia and Duane Spires of the World Class Fight League and Cris MidgetTwister Rodriguez of Gracie Pac MMA. They have made a great team thus far, putting on two tournaments as of now. The first Art of Grappling took place on March 30th and was strictly for kids. Their latest event was an all adult tournament. The competition was fierce and the appreciation from friends and family was well received. Art of Grappling offered various weight classes and divisions for the competitors. Brackets were well set up and the officiating was without flaw; truly a great event for Jiu Jitsu practitioners of all kinds. The ladies were well represented with many great competitors whom put on phenomenal matches. Winners were graceful and the losers were respectful and professional. The event was topped off by a truly amazing Absolute division. In Jiu Jitsu competition, the Absolute division is for all competitors; no weight or ranking system is in place. Anyone feeling confident enough can enter. The winner of a No-Gi Absolute tournament is highly regarded with great respect. An Absolute division usually carries with itself a large cash prize and some sort of championship trophy or belt. Art of Grappling awarded their No-Gi Absolute winner with a $2,000 cash prize and a remarkable Art of Grappling championship belt.

The Absolute division was STACKED!  There were approximately 25-30 competitors in the Absolute tournament. The matches were phenomenal, the display of Jiu Jitsu was awesome, and the overall experience as a fan was breathtaking. The final match was held later that night as part of the World Class Fight League 5: Rise to the Top MMA event. It featured Josh Bacalloa vs. Marcel Goncalves. Marcel Goncalves won by points at 5-2 to take home the $2,000 cash prize and the Art of Grappling Championship belt!

Art of Grappling continues to surge as a top contender in the field of Jiu Jitsu/Grappling tournaments. Their continued success is evident through the hunger in the competitors. Continue to follow AOG and the WCFL to stay up to date on all of their announcements and future events.

Special mention should be given to local Tampa, FL fighter Anton Yalch. Anton defeated UFC vet Din Thomas in the opening round of the Advanced No-Gi bracket.

Art of Grappling returns on August 24th with their 2nd kid’s tournament.

They will host their next adult tournament on October 12th where they will present a $10,000 cash prize to the Men’s Adult No-Gi Absolute Division winner. This is unheard of so make sure to register early. There will be limited spots in this tournament.

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