Anthony McDonald Finally Turns Pro

Anthony McDonald Finally Turns Pro

                On May 15 fans all across the Northwest got the news they had been anxiously awaiting: Anthony McDonald announcing his leap from amateur to pro.536667_511623835541634_1861308671_n

From McDonald’s Facebook page:  “Officially now Pro but won’t be doing MMA that much. Instead I will be doing K-1 Kickboxing here on out. So now my training camp will consist on my standup and cardio and strength training. I’m 3-0 as a kickboxer and looking forward to the next Glory heavyweight tournament. Yea buddy”.

McDonald, 13-5 MMA and 3-0 kickboxing, is creating new challenges for himself as he jumps to a much more superior level of MMA: pro status.426468_502621613108523_1616706948_n

“I didn’t want to rush it [going pro], I don’t want to end up with a bare record. I would have gone pro regardless of whether I won or lost my last fight because I based it on my performance. If I lost but had an excellent performance, why wouldn’t I turn up the heat for myself? I went in believing this is my last MMA fight, it’s time.”

Unlike many other fighters, McDonald is primarily focused on K1 Kickboxing rather than his MMA because he believes it challenges him more than MMA can.

“I love K1 kickboxing. If you watch K1 striking it’s so crisp and pure. When I compare it to my fighting I know 384986_438409389529746_481063978_nI’ve got holes. I’m a wild fighter and I’ve got to zero in on those holes. I want to be the best. I love K1 because it’s different from MMA. I am more confident when I kickbox. I’m dedicated. I like knowing that when I kick you, you’ll fall. It’s a fight [compared to MMA], you have to strike. The ref won’t let you rest. It’s a true test on what you’re capable of.”

Retaining dedication and determination in his goals and capabilities was a huge spotlight for McDonald when speaking about his future in this physically and mentally competitive sport.

“I hit the gym every single day. I can’t stop that if I’m going to fight the best of the best. I need to hit harder, 944150_512789495447491_73302378_npunch faster, move quicker, last longer. The striking at this level will be intense. I have to own it.”

In the future, McDonald would like to target his strong abilities and create a perfect harmony between his craziness and what his body is capable of.

“It’ll still be me [as a pro], but more focused. My skill set will be exceedingly high, I will have ridiculous cardio, more technique, just less craziness in the cage. I still want to be myself, my all smiles in and out of the cage. As for my moves, you’ll still see the flying kicks and knees, and the superman punches and hooks, those moves win my fights.”

As many of us fans are still wondering, when will Anthony “The Joker” McDonald return to the cage for the pro debut?

“I’m thinking in about three months I want to pro debut in K1. I want to get in better shape before then and work more on my cardio and technique. I want those crisp strikes. I know the transition at any level is tough: especially amateur to pro. You’re fresh meat, you gotta prove it – prove why you’re there and why you deserve it.”

Before becoming a UFC spotlight, McDonald plans on climbing the ranks in both kickboxing and MMA, using all of his knowledge and technique to secure a well-earned spot in the famous pro level arena.

“I want to ride all the way up. I have the skills and determination to get there. I want to make my own path to the UFC.  I’m 28 years old I want to enjoy the full experience. I know that in the UFC if you lose two or more fights you’re done. I want to get there and stay there. I want to start with K1 at any kickboxing organization, then move up to the Glory Heavyweight tournaments then get to Bellator or the UFC.”

As many would sincerely agree, we look forward to seeing where this Pacific Northwest phenomenon will go with his incredible skillset, carefree attitude, and superman punches.

Visit Anthony McDonald’s fan page on Facebook to get up to date details for his upcoming debut, updates on his training and more!

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