AmericanBattle Championships “The Alley” in Largo,FLA Results

AmericanBattle Championships  Gasoline Alley in Largo,FLA   2/10/2013

Fight #1 (kickboxing fight): Paul Vasquez vs Brandon Lewis: Vasquez wins via split decision.

Fight #2 (kickboxing fight): Alex Handley vs Jeremy Parker: Parker wins via 1st round TKO.

Fight #3 (mma fight): Seth White vs Donald Acacia: White wins via 1st round guillotine.

Fight #4 (kickboxing fight): dennis diaz vs ali runyan: runyan wins via 1st round tko.

Fight #5 (kickboxing fight) Joe Lundy vs Shane carrow : Lundy wins via 1st round tko (fighter could not continue).

Fight #6 (mma fight): Shane Jakemeit vs Adam Hilarie: Hilarie wins via 2nd round tko (ref stoppage).

Fight #7 main event (mma fight) Tim Bare vs Rashawn cooper: Bare wins via DQ (ref stopped the fight due to illegal blows to the head of a downed opponent)

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