American Gladiator: Aaron “The HITMAN” Scott

American Gladiator: Aaron “The HITMAN” Scott

By: Donald Pierce Colorado


I had the honor to interview Aaron Scott a mixed martial artist from Loveland, Colorado. And I got to say when you look up the word gladiators you should see this man up and downs in his life that would make a normal man check out of life all together. Listing and reading about Mr. Scott made me say to myself “wow” this is a true story about how MMA saved a man’s life and why MMA is the best sport in the world.

  Aaron Scott was born an raised in the sky town of Loveland, Colorado being one of six kids. His father got him into boxing at the ripe age of , which he fell in love with the sweet science. His biggest support system was his Aunt Lil which supported him with his boxing and everything in life, the untimely passing of Mr. Scotts aunt, he  had lost what was most important in his life. With school not being his thing, trouble started to find him witch as long as Mr. Scott could remember he was in and out of the system. As a result it ended him in prison for an eight year sentence and there one fight would change his life forever.

Three years into his sentence, the prison that Mr. Scott went to got the Spike TV station, there he watched a episode of UFC Unleashed, a fight between Tito Ortiz and chuck Liddell came on as he watched it he thought to himself “this is what I’m made for this is what I can do in my life” it also hit him “I can be someone I can do something with myself instead of wasting my life in and out of trouble”

Since that day Mr. Scott’s goal was to get his life on track and to become a great fighter in the MMA world and one day make it to the UFC. Remembering back wean he was little, he can remember hitting his dads hands. Let’s face it he was a born fighter, now he can realize his dreams.  Despite his past he is doing good for himself, making MMA his life it has put this man on the right path to show the world a good man is never kept down, they always rise, they all ways find a way to rise above the ashes to a greater good.

On November 8th I got to meet Mr. Scott at the Sparta Fighting Combat League “Gladiators” weigh inns, I was talking to him he found out his opponent was 8 pounds overweight, after talking to his team Mr. Scott took the fight. The next  night I got to see him fight for the first time and I wasn’t disappointed he let his hands fly almost knocking his opponent out in the first round, going it to the second  he took a very hard leg kick and had a hard time recovering  and the reef stopped the fight. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will be back in the win column soon, he has too much heart and skill not to. I also believe we will see him in the big show one day, After his fight we talked and I have seen a humble man, a guy that I can relate to and  my friends  that is a true success story. I asked him during our interview if he would like to thank anyone this is what he said. “I have to say thank you to those that support me, especially my older brother Jesse, I wouldn’t be half of who I am without him. My sisters Jennifer and Fawn for all their help and support, my sister Kiki for always being here for me and never being afraid to tell me to act right My mom and dad for making me who I am. My girlfriend Ashley for loving and supporting me in my dream, and a big thank you to Jake and Kelly Tyree for believing in me, I love you guys like family”. I can’t wait to see him back in the cage because if there’s one thing you can’t keep the HITMAN down.




  1. Is this the same guy? Sheesh! Same name, same town …

  2. I am not sure as this was written almost 4 years ago by an independent writer who submitted it to us. Also this guy was arrested a few years after the piece was written. No matter if it is him or someone else it is sad to see so many live destroyed over this or any criminal activity of this nature.

  3. Although this guy is still a piece of crap its not the same guy this guy is to young ,too tall and weighs way less then the monster on that site

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