The AFC Unleashes a New Initiative to Ease Financial Burden on Athletes

The AFC Unleashes a New Initiative to Ease Financial Burden on Athletes



April 22, 2013 – Many athletes who dream of being at the top of their sport
face a tremendous amount of financial strain. Some athletes work full
time while training 4-5 hours per day; others rely on family and friends,
sponsors, fundraisers, or online crowdsourcing.

In an effort to ease the financial burden of it’s athletes, Aggression Fighting
Championships (AFC), has developed a new initiative. “We are always
looking for new ways to support our fighters,” says Steve Fader, President
of AFC.

The new initiative called The AFC Fight Fan Faction, allows Mixed Martial
Arts (MMA) enthusiasts to support their favorite AFC fighter. Fight fans can
now be a part of their favorite athlete’s journey by contributing to their fight

“Our fighters train really hard and for long hours. My hope is that the AFC
Fight Fan Faction can alleviate some of the stress that comes along with
that so our fighters can focus on what they love to do,” says AFC co-owner
Steve Fader. In addition to funds being used for the athlete’s training
camp, a portion of the money is directed to the athlete’s favorite charity.

Fans can visit the online tool and choose which fighter they would like
to support. When any donation over $50 is made to an athlete’s training
camp, the user receives a signed t-shirt, an AFC poster, and a certificate of

The AFC Fight Fan Faction can be viewed at

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