Absolute Chaos 6 Results

Absolute Chaos 6 Results




Justin Hugo and Chad Nishikuni put on an exhibition Muay Thai fight.

Rodrick Goodwin defeats Gabe Bolles via 3rd round TKO in a kickboxing match

Jesse Kadoune defeats JR Cabrera via UD in a kickboxing match

Jordan Hyatt defeats James Davis via UD in an mma match

Sarah Bucher defeats Wanda Binette via UD in a kickboxing match

Talon Hammons & Dave Green defeat Jordan Krich & Robbie Larson via points in team grappling match

Garret Reitz defeats Alex Decoy via 1st round standing guillotine in an mma match

Ben Davila defeats Justin Flowers via UD in a kickboxing match

Juan Jackson defeats Zecheriah Pama via 1st round KO in a kickboxing match

Sam Rice defeats Mat Afalava via UD in a HWT kickboxing title fight

Jared Teer defeats Ryan Schecterson via 1st round tko in a 145lb Muay Thai title fight


Absolute Chaos 6 was a blast to be at.  The fights are up on Ustream.  Look for Absolute Chaos 7 in February or March of 2014 folks!!!!

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