8 Minutes with Brandon Farran

“I got the speed of Mayweather and the power of Mike Tyson in these hands and I am gonna let them fly,” Brandon Farran.

Brandon Farran is a professional mixed martial artist fighting out of Future Fitness Team in Abilene, Texas.  Farran competes at welterweight and is the proud owner of eight first round finishes in his career and is looking forward to getting his ninth first round victory and getting closer to his goal of fighting in the UFC.

Friday night Brandon will be competing against Derrick Krantz at LegacyFC 14.  Krantz is making the move from LW to WW to face Farran.  While Brandon knows he will have a size advantage over Krantz he is fully expecting a gritty fight and as usual never takes an opponent lightly.

Brandon had a great camp and like most top level fighters he does not focus his camp on what his opponent does, but rather on perfecting his techniques.  He does this so that he can impose his will on the fight rather than trying to fight his opponents fight.

Brandon Farran will be fighting Jason House November 17th at EFC 3: Domination.  This will be his 3rd appearance for Elite Fighting Championships and embraces the fact that he has had the opportunity to perform on all the promotions cards to date.  Brandon enjoys being on the posters and wants to provide the fans with a great show.

If you are in the Abilene area and want to train with Brandon Farran head over to Future Fitness Team and take your training to the next level.  You can watch Brandon perform at LegacyFC 14 Friday night on AXSTV if you can not make the event in person.

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