3 Best Mobile Apps for Betting on Boxing

3 Best Mobile Apps for Betting on Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting. There are over a dozen great fights scheduled in Las Vegas alone and so many more elsewhere in the world. And, thanks to internet technology and mobile betting apps on your iPhone or Android phone, you can watch and bet on any match anytime you want to.

If you are thinking about which of these to choose, read on. Here are three of the best ones, which you could download.

Sky Bet App

According to most users, this is probably the best mobile app for betting on boxing that is available nowadays.

On the actual site, you will immediately see the current matches. They also have a list of upcoming fights scheduled for this year and even the next, as well as the possible odds. Interestingly, they also included a listing of the potential boxing competitions. If you want, you can bet as early as now.

They also offer £10 once you register with them, even if you have not deposited anything yet. £10 is not so high compared to the £30 to £50 of other companies but this just means that they aren’t using just this to lure possible clients.

Ladbrokes App

Ladbrokes offers a higher sign-up bonus which has increased just last May of this year. Their £30 is sure to entice a lot of people to bet with them. You can get this just by entering the promo code on a text box. But, you do need to wait seven days before you can actually claim it.

Like Sky Bet, you will see the current and upcoming fights on the main boxing page of the app. But what most people really like about this is the easy navigation box wherein you can search for your bets right below the banner.

Even if you don’t have Android and iPhones, you can still use a fully optimized Ladbrokes app with phones from Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Bet 365

If you think the first two apps are offering amazing bonuses, wait ‘til you check this app out. Bet 365 is granting as much as £200 on free bet.

Aside from that stunning amount, you also get to enjoy live streaming when you sign up with them. They also have a ‘single wallet’ system which is very helpful if you were not just betting on sports but also playing other casino games.

Despite a very simple layout, one of the things which make this very interesting is their ‘box betting news’, where you will get to read some boxing news which will already give you an insight about who to wager for in a certain match.

Betting on boxing matches is truly made easier by these apps since you can do so even when you are on the go. But if you want to increase your chances of winning, you will need to check out the fight and familiarize yourself with the players really well. It would also be nice to download more than one app and compare the odds each are showing so that you can increase your potential winnings. You can to read more about boxing betting apps.

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