Dare Fight Sports is proud to present some of the most exciting match ups in Asian MMA in 2013, that are now taking place on 12th October 2013 at Club Insanity Bangkok, as DARE again brings Mixed Martial Arts to Thailand.


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This is a fight that fight fans have been waiting for a long time.

NOSTROVIA – Rasul Mirzaev, a Combat Sambo World Champion from Russia who holds a 6-0 record in his professional MMA career comes back from his temporary retirement at a correctional institute in Moscow and takes on an Englishman with character and some tight chokes, SCRAPS – James Saville, 12-6.

NOSTROVIA is well known in the business and was recently ranked as the #1 Featherweight Fighter in Russia. His explosive fight style and the way to finish most of his fights by Knockout or TKO has made him one of the most talked about new generation fighters to ever come out of Russia.

He is coming in to finish this fight fast and to move closer to his share of DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament.

SCRAPS – James Saville is a traveling Englishman who fights all over the world. This guy lives to fight and was ready to take on the battle against the much respected Russian in a second. SCRAPS is a Submission specialist and has been putting opponents to sleep or in bone breaking situations since 2006. A total of 8 of his 12 MMA wins come by a way of submission and that is most probably what he has also planned for NOSTROVIA. Still, he also likes to showcase his stand-up fighting skills and regularly throws hard head kicks to his opponents, just to keep things busy.

Who do you think is going to take this one?

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Another fight added to DARE’s October 12th “Rebels of MMA” card features two Thailand residents, RONIN Shane Wiggand from USA and KREEPY KRISKristoffer Persson from Sweden who match it up in a Lightweight Quarterfinal fight of DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament.

RONIN Wiggand hails from a 15 year background of Judo and Muay Thai and in case you have seen his previous fight at DARE in 2012 you will agree to the fact that this veteran of nearly 50 full contact fights has one f–king strong chin and a cardio to push through a 3 round fight any given day.

His strengths and skills will be put on a major test once RONIN again steps up to the DARE ring and puts it all on the line by standing up against nearly 15 years younger KREEPY KRIS to teach the kid a lesson – the one like only RONIN can.

KREEPY KRIS Persson convinced Asian MMA fans of his all-round skills in his Opening Round fight of DARE’s Lightweight Tournament where he, by landing a series of well aimed heavy punches and knees, submitted a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt, LEKE Alexsandro Machado.

Some fans speculated that KREEPY KRIS had an advantage in this fight against LEKE due to his generally heavier figure and therefore was able to keep their fight standing while bit by bit tiring the Brazilian down and eventually boxing him out… with knees to the ribs.

JUST CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO by our friends at Around The Octagon TV and see for yourself what I mean:

Good times indeed!

This vicious victory moved KREEPY KRIS to the Quarterfinal level of the Tournament, where he will now face a much tougher opponent in RONIN who’s experience in both striking and grappling are high and therefore will put this Swede into the toughest test in his career.

The biggest questions to be answered on October 12th are: how will RONIN Wiggand cope with the much younger KREEPY KRIS Persson and can Persson manage the years of experience that RONIN brings along with him to the ring? This will all be answered in just 2 weeks time as we witness the fight of these two in an event that is expected to be one of the biggest Mixed Martial Arts shows in Asia in 2013.

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Tekstiin lisättävä kuva 3STRANGLER – Murad Machaev has an impressive list of achievements in the Russian Martial Art Sambo, but even more impressive are his achievements in MMA where Machaev has in 4 years built a solid record of 12-1 with his only loss coming via judges decision at Bellator FC last year.

Machaev’s total record at Bellator at the moment stands at 1-1 and he currently rides a nice 3 fight winning streak as he joins DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament and its Lightweight Division.

STRANGLER is a good example of the art of Sambo where his skills are equally strong in both striking and grappling. Out of his 13 previous opponents, three got their share of the Russians fists as three stood with him all 3 rounds until being handed their defeats from the judges, while a total of six fighters had to eventually give up to this hard choking, Anaconda like, determined Russian called THE STRANGLER.

Being equally experienced in both striking and grappling, he has been able to play around with his opponents by keeping his fights standing when that has not been in the wishlists of his opponents or by taking the fight to the ground to showcase his submission skills.

Nevertheless, the play time is now over for STRANGLER as he steps into the ring against TURK Gokhan Turkyilmaz, a heavy hitting Australian with 9-8 professional record. TURK truly has an interesting fight style which can be seen when looking at the way he finishes fights… knockouts!

How will he be able to manage the skills of STRANGLER and avoid to get locked into one of those deadly chokes of the Russian is something that fight fans all over the world will be waiting to see when these two get into the DARE ring to settle this thing. He has personally stated some comments already where he has been open about his plans of knocking out STRANGLER quickly in the very beginning of the fight.

The great news is that there is only 2 weeks left for this fight, which takes place on October 12th at Club Insanity Bangkok.

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