Stand-Up Comedian Dan Soder talks MMA


Dan Soder, is one of the best up and coming comics out of New York. He has been featured on  shows such as Opie and Anthony and Conan, and  is regularly on the podcast “You Know What Dude?” where he trades one liners and has deep conversations with other comics. He is a professional wrestling and MMA fan and has done some great impersonations of certain athletes; most notably Andre the Giant and “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I recently went to one of his shows and got to ask a few questions about MMA and good ole’ slobber knockin’ wrestling, with the “Monster Voice” himself.

Raul: What was you’re first experience in MMA?

Dan: I watched the first UFC with my stepdad, I was big into professional wrestling and kung-fu movies but I was a little kid who couldn’t order PPV so my stepdad got it and we watched it. It was in Denver and it was all over the news so that’s how we learned about it. I think I fell asleep for part of it because it was a long event.

Raul: Do you prefer the old school UFC of Ken Shamrock and Don Frye or the new school like GSP and Jon Jones?

Dan: I think they are completely different things. The first was no weight classes and much more chaotic the new style (Dana White era) has been incredibly organized and the fights have been terrific.

Raul: What would you like your entrance song to be every time you hit the stage?

Dan: Kyuss “Demon Cleaner”

Raul: What fight are you looking towards too?

Dan: I think the fight that any fan is day dreaming of is a Jones v. Silva. Even at a catch weight for no belt that fight would be great.

Raul: You are a big wrestling fan, what wrestler or wrestlers would you think make great UFC fighters?

Dan: Kurt Angle because of his background as a wrestler, the Rock. CM Punk would be an interesting fighter, I’m guessing a lot BBJ and Muay Thai. But ultimately I would say Ahmed Johnson and his “Pearl River Plunge” would be great in the Octagon.

Raul: Front row tickets to Jones vs. Silva or Front row Wrestlemania xxx tickets which do you choose?

Dan: Jones v. Silva

Raul: What Wrestlemania would you have loved to gone too? (I would have loved to have gone to 5or 6)

Dan: Easy, Wrestlemania III. Hogan v. Andre AND Savage v. Steamboat? That’s a no brainer.

Raul: What is the best UFC fight you have ever seen?

Dan: Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg was unbelievable. It was like a scripted fight. I don’t even think professional wrestling has had a match that good.

You can listen to Dan Soder every Monday on “Robert Kelly’s ‘You Know What, Dude?'” And follow him on twitter @dansoder.


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