Cubicle to the Cage Official Press Release


I can not tell you how excited I am to release our Television series. Cubicle to the Cage is a series that follows a group of ‘armchair athletes’ as they leave the couch and their office cubicle to train every day for fourteen months for the opportunity of a lifetime. The goal is to see if they are able to transform themselves from average Joes and Janes into cage fighting professionals in a very short period of time.
As storytellers we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves into situations that we would never have expected to experience if we weren’t doing what we do! It is safe to say that not one of us at Hemmings House are combat sports fans. But one thing is for sure, after being able to spend 14 months with the Cubes, and truly understand the sport, the business and the people in a deep and personal way, all of us have increased our level of respect for the sport.
This series is hands down the most emotional, transformational and jaw dropping bit of reality television that I have ever watched…and it is all REAL. There is so much fake on the air today, this series is not one of those shows. The real people who pushed themselves far past what should be possible are what makes this series so engaging and eye opening.I am convinced that this show is going to change the face of MMA for mainstream audiences, there has never been anything more real, raw and emotional produced before about this subject, be prepared for a roller-coaster ride!While Cubicle to the Cage does tell the stories of a group of people from diverse backgrounds trying to become professional fighters, the story is really about the tenacity, determination and intestinal fortitude required to achieve goals, in any realm. The result was a hilarious, thrilling, horrific, controversial and, in the end, inspirational story that spans more than a year in a group of ordinary people’s lives.

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