“2 quick 2 slick” Liza Amaya determined to be a champion

“2 quick 2 slick” Liza Amaya determined to be a champion

By Donald Pierce Colorado MMAMADEHOUSE


When I talked to Mrs. Amaya it coming up on her biggest fight to date her 3rd pro fight, And it was verses no push over, Kristy “Kriss-Kross” Simmons was an amateur who chose to go pro instead of going to the Rio 2016 Olympics with a long list of awards Liza hand her hands full I Have seen Liza fight in her pro debut and I was highly impressed with her skill set and the way she move so smoothly around the ring. But before I get into that I want to begin by getting to know her whole story.

Liza Amaya was born on October 16, 1986 in mount Vernon, New coming from a close net family miss Amaya had 3 siblings she never in her wildest dreams thought about becoming a boxer, being shy, quiet and stood to herself Liza got bullied so her little sister would fight her fights for her. Being smart and excelling in soccer Liza got a scholarship to the University of Hawaii coming from a lower income family this was huge for Liza it would give her the chance to go to a great school

In her sophomore year Liza would more back more due to family issues going to CU Boulder due to family issues she had to red shirt and that’s when life took a change for her. Liza had to find a way to stay in shape so she went to a boxing gym down the street from her house to keep up her cardio hitting heavy bags did a wonders for Liza also trying to stay keep her mind off her parents separation it was almost therapeutic. Well training working out she come in a relationship with a man that she thought was respectful, 5 months into the relationship he became verbaly and physically abusive. On July 27th Liza walked back into the gym with two black eyes, bruised ribcage and a fat lip determent to not be a victim she was going to learn how to defend herself where this would never happen again and that’s when she would meet the man who would change her world and save her life. Seeing how Liza looked a man that she had seen around the gym Donald Macarena offered to train her and her friend Andrea. After training Donald offered to take them to lunch well eating they talked and shared stories. Mr. Macarena was supposed to take Liza to her not so nice ex-boyfriends house instead he took her to his family’s house where she met his mother and family in Liza’s own words “Donald’s mother is an angel” they wouldn’t let her leave at the risk of being abused again. Mr. Macarena then started to train her full time, she begun to have the confidence that she would never be treated like that again. In Liza’s own words she got to know Mr. Macarena as a “loving, caring, respectful, talented and most of all patient” which are the key points to a great coach. After training for a while Donald Invited Liza to his next couple of fights little did he know they would be his last. One night around 3:15am Mr. Macarena started to have a seizer. Miss Amaya the shoved her palm in to his mouth in the hospital he went through cat scans and ekg’s resulting in him being put on medication that would make it so he couldn’t fight again. Liza had to ender the pain of seeing Mr.Camarena torn apart by the fact his fighting days wear done. Liza wrote Donald a letter in that letter she told Mr. Camarena that things happened for a reason and that everything happens for a reason and every set back is an opportunity to come back and that she wanted to fight for him and carry on his legacy in the ring. Slowly Mr. Camarena started to get back in the gym training his Son Juaquin and Liza sick or not Mr. Camarena trained the two some great days some bad due to reoccurring seizures but realizing he had a gift to share Mr.Camarena still trains them both only a team of 3 they r strong call the TLC (Train Like Champs). Liza trained had and it shows in her accolades she won her first amateur bout in 2009 won the states golden gloves 2010 and 2011 then won ring side nationals where she won her first belt. After only 8 amateur bouts Mr. Camarena said it time to take it to the next level a level where she would shine and start to become a champion for the both of them.

On May 11th Liza made had her first pro fight I am happy to say I was in attendance she fought Mercedes Mercury in a fight that showed both woman go out there and give it their all every round was a battle more than willing to give and quick to dodge she lived up to the nick name to slick to quick. Liza’s 2nd fight was a little less of a battle as she won by 2nd TKO. Leading up to her fight with Kristy Simmons and wow what a fight as Mr. Camarena sat behind me on the outside of the ring I was prepared to see fireworks Simmons rushed Liza blasting her huge punches staying calm and countering Liza weathered the storm and listing to great corner men and the love of her life yelling instructions Liza fought back and took the decision the crowed never touched there set as they stood on their feet the hole time I have to say being none biased it had to be the best boxing fight I have ever seen two woman leaving it all in the ring> Liza told me she wouldn’t know how her life would of turned out if it wasn’t for Donald and his mother but she does know one thing she is not going to stop till she get her title for her and Mr. Camarena and only up words of this young fighter

Well doing this interview I learned so much about life and woman’s boxing and have a new found respect for it I do believe Liza is the next big thing in woman boxing no doubt in my mind and being a father of a little girl I would be proud of my daughter to look up to Liza and to say daddy I want to be like her and I would have to say “Honey you will have to Train Like a Champ and never give up and keep your dreams in sight”. I asked Liza if she would like to thank anyone and this is what she had to say” I want to thank my Lord, family, friends, my teammates and fans for supporting me. Without all of you I couldn’t do this so thank you”.


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