The 1st Episode of DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament – Season 2013







Lets get things started with a BANG!

And there is no better way to do so, than having two fighters, both well known for their amazing knockout skills: IRON FIST (Ole Laursen) and THE JOE RAY go at it in a DARE Ring!

IRON FIST, a super star fighter in Asia, well known for being one of the toughest brawlers in the game who has competed against several legendary fighters in MMA, K-1 and Muay Thai during his career, truly had his hands full when matched up against an up and comer THE JOE RAY.

Joe Ray rides a 5 fight winning streak and has finished most of the fights in his career with a clear Knock Out. He has fought around the world and has now made Asia his home-base as he works to win his share of DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament and become DARE’s first ever Welterweight (77 kilo) Champion.

IRON FIST who resides in Thailand and represents his own gym, “Legacy Gym ” in Ubon Ratchathani, is coming out of a major victory in his last fight, over a world class fighter, Eduard Folayang in Singapore, which landed him the spot to now compete in DARE’s Million Dollar Tournament and to face THE JOE RAY.

This fight is widely considered to be the Headliner Fight for Asian MMA in 2013 and Yes Sir! it surely delivered.


Enough for the talk.

Turn your speakers up and get your GAME ON!

DARE will be making its Epic Return to Bangkok on January 25th 2014 with another explosive event. 

Stay tuned for more information,

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